Software Project Management

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Dear student The Software Project Management class for tomorrow is cancelled. The course ends with Chapter V. Regards Geert Poels


Lessons are very interesting and if you made notes you will pass without any problem.

misschien nuttige aanvulling bij laatste hoofdstuk: zit een examenvraag in vermoed ik:

Earned Value Management


Open book :) still best if you practice the use of COCOMO & COSMIC FFP at home, because standards are long and there is no time to read them for the first time on the exam. The same about the papers, read them first so u know where to search for an answer to a question (questions are not stating what paper you should use!) Exams are not so exercise intensive as in exam example on toledo. First question is about COSMIC FFP or COCOMO II - in both cases you have to calculate some simple system like seen on the lesson. There is always a question about paper or papers so read them!




  1. COCOMO calculation for a system of 100.000 SLOC. You get the story about the company from where you should infer effort multipliers, scale factors etc. Not difficult. Most of the time just look at the tables to get the values. Then recalculate for a stretch out situation (schedule compressed by 25%)
  2. Company have decided to use the expert knowledge (hire a senior manager) and not to use formal methods of estimation. Discuss their choice and decision to give an informed opinion. In this one u need to connect 3 papers (the least obvious is by Dedene=> use of formal methods to highlight the trends in the company and show possible areas of improvement, it's also good if an expert can use forma method to support his intuition when reporting to the CIO) and provide pros en cons of expert knowledge vs formal methods. In the end conclusion is to use best of both methods if possible + arguments why to do so.
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  1. Described a small system where u have one query and some report to make. Make COSMIC FFP analysis like seen in the lesson. Make models like in the lesson + calculation. Not difficult, system is around 9 FFP in size...
  2. How to use formal methods to measure process improvements? Use Dedene's paper and discuss regression technique, that's all :)
  3. Compare the COCOMO /PMBOK approach to the one seen in the lesson. Here the difference is that PMBOK is a top down approach and we have seen a bottom up (starting from resources estimation into the schedules etc.) this is not straightforward to see just from the slides, prof said it in the lesson though.
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